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Terrell Davis, DDH Tax, Sales Tax Consultants and Experts

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Davis, Davis & Harmon was formed in 2001 to address a specific need in the market place. We know sales tax law, how to interpret it, and how to advocate for our clients.

DDH’s management team is comprised of former Big 4 tax consultants, business process consultants, and former state sales tax auditors. With a proven track record of success, our professionals combine best practices with cutting-edge thinking to deliver a full range of sales tax solutions to a variety of industries.

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State Sales Tax and Transactional Tax Law and Business Expertise In The Following States

  • Texas Sales Tax Law
  • California Sales Tax Law
  • Colorado Sales Tax Law
  • Georgia  Sales Tax Law
  • Pennsylvania Sales Tax Law
  • Arizona Sales Tax Law
  • New York State Sales Tax Law
  • Massachusetts Sales Tax Law
  • New Jersey Sales Tax Law
  • Virginia Sales Tax Law
  • Florida Sales Tax Law
  • Tennessee Sales Tax Law
  • Illinois Sales Tax Law
  • Connecticut Sales Tax Law
  • And more

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