Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday

MISSISSIPPI – This year’s sales tax holiday will run from July 26 – 27, 2013. Items costing less than $100 each will be exempt from sales tax. Some eligible items are: • Slippers • Baby clothes • School uniforms • Gym uniforms • Scout uniforms • Employee and Chef uniforms • Neckties • Scarves. Some…


Delinquent Taxpayers Cannot Renew Tax Licenses

CONNECTICUT – Delinquent taxpayers can expect to receive letters from The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) where they will be given the opportunity to renew their sales tax license. Effective July 1, 2013, the new law prevents the renewal of sales tax, cigarette tax or tobacco products tax license for taxpayers who owe state…


Single Sized Snacks Taxable in Texas

TEXAS – Effective September 1, 2013, Senate Bill 1151 will simplify sales tax collection for convenience stores and other businesses where individual-size servings of snacks are sold. Individual-size packages are labeled as one serving or less than 2.05 ounces (if package does not state servings.) Items being taxed are: • Chips • Breakfast, granola, nutrition,…