Kentucky is Expanding Sales & Use Tax on Services

Kentucky has expanded its list of services subject to sales and use tax to include: photography and photo finishing services; marketing services; telemarketing services; public opinion and research polling services; lobbying services; executive employee recruitment services; Web site design and development services; Web site hosting services; facsimile transmission services; private mailroom services, including: presorting mail…


Maryland – New Sales & Use Tax Exemptions Effective Summer 2022

Maryland – New Sales & Use Tax Exemptions Effective Summer 2022 Diabetic Care Items Exempt Diabetic care items are exempt from Maryland sales and use tax effective July 1, 2022. The following items will be exempt: insulin; glucose tablets, drinks, and gels; blood and urine ketone meters and supplies; insulin pumps, infusion sets, pump reservoirs…


Alabama—Sales & Use Tax: Appeal Dismissed for Lack for Jurisdiction

AL: The Alabama Department of Revenue appeal against a Circuit Court judgment was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction because the judgment was not final. In that matter, the department found that the taxpayer, a furniture store operator, paid no sales or use tax on its furniture sales and shipping fees collected on shipments to various…