MISSOURI:  Starting April 19th through the 25th, all retail sales of qualifying Energy Star-certified new appliances will be exempt from state and county sales taxes. The following, providing they are Energy Star certified and up to $1,500 each, is a list of qualifying items: Clothes washers Water heaters Dishwashers Air conditioners Furnaces Refrigerators freezers Heat…


Preparing For An Audit

3 simple tips on preparing for an audit: ORGANIZE RECORDS. You may have underpayed or overpayed sales tax. Having your records (sales/use tax returns, federal returns, sales tax transactions, etc) organized and easily accessible will help in supporting transactions. DON’T RUSH AUDIT PROCESS. It can be time consuming because the auditor will do a thorough…


A Humongous Win Win

Specialized tax savings engagements have incredible appeal because clients can achieve immediate financial benefits greater than the fees charged. Besides possessing or having access to the requisite expertise, firms developing a tax savings practice have two obstacles to overcome, according to a partner in a firm very successful in that regard. One is obviously the…