Iowa—Sales and Use Tax: Utility Company’s Credits for Customer-Generated Electricity Exempt from Tax

IOWA: An electric utility company’s (taxpayer’s) credits to its customers for local electricity generation was exempt from Iowa sales and use tax. Generally, if a trade-in transaction meets the requirements of the relevant law, the amount of credit received from the trade-in is exempt from tax. In this matter, the taxpayer provided electricity to its…


Indiana—Sales and Use Tax: Taxpayer Not Entitled to Casual Sales Exemption on Recreational Vehicle Sales

INDIANA: A recreational vehicle business (taxpayer) was required to remit and collect Indiana sales tax on sales of recreational vehicles (RVs) to its customer because it was not entitled to the casual sales exemption. Generally, Indiana gross retail tax is not imposed on gross receipts from casual sales except for gross receipts from casual sales…


Arkansas—Sales and Use Tax: Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Making Local Tax Permanent

Arkansas: Voters in Arkansas have approved making a temporary 0.5% sales tax permanent. The revenue is dedicated to state and local transportation. According to the latest data, 45% voted against the measure, while 55% voted for it. The approved measure will amend the Arkansas Constitution to permanently have a 0.5% sales tax for state highways, bridges,…