Illinois—Sales and Use Tax: Leasing of Signage Subject to Tax

IL:The Illinois Department of Revenue issued a letter stating that the rental of identification signage by an out-of-state (taxpayer) company is subject to a use tax based on the cost price of the signage. The taxpayer designed, installed, and maintained signage for Illinois customers in this matter. The taxpayer retained ownership of all the signs…


New York: Laser Sales Exemption Decision Overturned

NY: New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal (TAT) reversed the decision of an Administrative Judge(ALJ) who wrongly found that a dermatology manufacturer (taxpayer) prohibited the sale of Excimer: Laser equipment was non-taxable. The taxpayer made lasers available to physicians under a user agreement at no upfront cost; however, the taxpayer sold the treatment codes to the physicians. The ALJ…


FL—Sales & Use Tax: Holiday Authorized for Tools Frequently Used by Skilled Trade Workers

Florida sales& use tax may not be collected during the period from September 3, 2022 through September 9, 2022, on the retail sale of: hand tools selling for $50 or less per item; power tools selling for $300 or less per item; power tool batteries selling for $150 or less per item; work gloves selling…