Celebrating Black History Month

WBCS Southwest is celebrating Black History Month! A time known for celebrating the legacy of Black Americans, and highlighting the impact they have made in our community. As our region continues to rise in the list of top places for women-owned businesses to thrive and scale, we want to recognize the pivotal role black women…


Navigating Sales Tax Nuances in Manufacturing

In the realm of sales tax, the definition of “manufacturing” holds significant weight, often revolving around the physical transformation of tangible personal property (TPP) through the application of materials and labor. However, understanding your tax obligations and exemptions amidst the intricacies of each state’s regulations is crucial for businesses operating in the manufacturing sector. Key…


Navigating Colorado’s Home Rule Municipalities and Sales Tax Regulations

Colorado’s sales and use tax regulations landscape is undergoing significant shifts, mainly concerning economic nexus provisions and the role of home rule municipalities. Colorado state and local sales taxes, the implementation of sales and use tax simplification programs, and the response of self-collecting home rule municipalities, particularly in light of the Colorado Municipal League’s Model…