Changing Transaction Thresholds in Post-Wayfair Sales Tax Collection

Five years have passed since the groundbreaking Wayfair decision by the Supreme Court, which opened the doors for states to demand remote sellers to collect and remit sales tax. Initially hailed as a revenue boon for states, the aftermath has brought various challenges and revisions to the original framework. The evolution of transaction thresholds and…


August is Black Business Month

August is Black Business Month. It’s time to recognize, honor, uplift, and celebrate Black-owned businesses across the country and all they represent in the country’s ongoing drive for diversity and equality. Let’s take a moment to recognize these businesses’ remarkable contributions to our society and economy. Established in 2004 by forward-thinking entrepreneurs Frederick E. Jordan and…


Texas Sales Tax Holiday August 11-13, 2023

TX: Sales Tax Holiday The Comptroller encourages all taxpayers to support Texas businesses while saving money on tax-free purchases of most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks (sold for less than $100) during the annual Tax-Free weekend. Qualifying items can be purchased tax free from a Texas store or from an online or catalog seller doing business…