Indiana—Sales and Use Tax: Manufacturer’s Various Purchases of Software

INDIANA: The Indiana Department of Revenue (department) discussed the applicability of sales and use tax to a manufacturer’s (taxpayer’s) various purchases of software. Generally, purchases of tangible personal property including computer software are subject to sales tax. However, the purchase of services is exempt from sales tax. In this matter, the taxpayer filed tax refund…


Natural Gas and Electricity – Residential Use

TEXAS: There are three categories of electricity-generating energy: fossil fuels, renewable energy sources and nuclear energy. Fossil fuels, also known as hydrocarbons, include coal, petroleum and natural gas. In 2019, the use of natural gas made up approximately 38 percent of the electricity generated in the U.S., according to an article in the U.S. Energy…


Alaska Jurisdictions Combine to Establish States First Nexus

ALASKA: The Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Commission has approved its “Remote Seller Sales Tax Code & Common Definitions” that would apply to local municipalities in Alaska that choose to adopt it. The code accommodates the individual rates and exemptions of multiple local jurisdictions within Alaska, with single-level, statewide administration. Under the code, remote sellers and marketplace…