Exotic Dances Taxable?

NEW YORK – A nightclub owner in Albany is in court fighting more than $100,000 in back taxes, arguing that their dancers’ performances shouldn’t include sales tax under the current tax code in New York. Attorneys for the tax board have argued that since patrons pay for private dances, no artistic exemption applies. According to...

Sales Tax Holiday for Sportsmen’s Paradise

LOUISIANA – The state’s annual Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday runs from today until Sunday. Eligible purchases of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies will be exempt from sales tax. These are some exempt items: • Shotguns • Rifles • Pistols • Revolvers or other handguns • Ammunition intended to be fired from a gun or…


Texas Tax Free Weekend

Texas’ annual tax holiday has arrived! Starting today through Sunday, shoppers will get a break from state and local sales taxes. Lay-away plans can be used to take advantage of the sales tax holiday. Footwear, clothing, and backpacks costing less than $100 will qualify for exemption. Most school supplies priced at less than $100 will…


Various States Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday

NATIONWIDE – Several states will be having upcoming sales tax holidays. Below you will find a list of states, dates and some of the qualifying items. For more information, please visit each states’ Department of Revenue website. VIRGINIA’S 2012’S Back to School Tax Free Weekend is scheduled for August 3 – 5. The following items…