Billing in the Mail

Colorado – Taxpayers who took advantage of the tax amnesty this past fall should have paid in full on or before December 31, 2011. If you didn’t, you will be getting a bill in the mail that includes the full amount of penalty and interest. zp8497586rq


Preparing For An Audit

3 simple tips on preparing for an audit: ORGANIZE RECORDS. You may have underpayed or overpayed sales tax. Having your records (sales/use tax returns, federal returns, sales tax transactions, etc) organized and easily accessible will help in supporting transactions. DON’T RUSH AUDIT PROCESS. It can be time consuming because the auditor will do a thorough…


Consumer Alert Issued

New Hampshire – A consumer alert has been issued to residents and those doing business in this state by Attorney General Michael Delaney and Kevin Clougherty, Department of Revenue Commissioner, in regards to a fraudulent internet website attempting to scam New Hampshire residents into purchasing New Hampshire Retail Sales Tax Certificates and falsely and deceptively…


Simon Property Group Suing Indiana

Indiana-Simon Property Group, a shopping mall developer, is suing Indiana because “Main Street” retailers are being harmed by the state’s failure to collect sales tax from Amazon.com. The state’s failure to collect sales tax on sales made by Amazon is creating an unequal playing field in Indiana that jeopardizes the existence of Main Street retailers…


SALTe November 2011

Please enjoy the  latest edition of our firms Newsletter SALTe your State and Local Tax Explorer! In This Issue Multi-State 2011 – Tricks and Traps States Use To Get Their Sales Tax Revenue Multi-State 2011 – Groupon/LivingSocial Sales Tax – No California Sales Tax Collection For Another Year Texas – $260 Million Unremitted Sales Tax…