Multistate Online Sellers Voluntary Disclosure

Multistate – The Multistate Tax Commission and the National Nexus Program is offering a special limited-time voluntary disclosure initiative, in which the following states are participating: Alabama Arkansas Colorado Connecticut Florida Idaho Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Nebraska New Jersey Oklahoma South Dakota Texas Utah Vermont Wisconsin The states listed above will consider applications for voluntary…


Texas – Insurance Services of Less Than 1% Provided by CPA Exemption

Texas – Effective January 1, 2018, Senate Bill 1083 amends tax code to exempt from sales and use tax insurance services performed by certified public accounting firms if services are less than 1% of the firm’s previous year’s total revenue. Additionally, insurances services are exempt if a service is performed on behalf of a certified…


New Sales Tax Exemptions on Bullion and Precious Metal Coins

Louisiana– Effective October 1, 2017, sales and use tax is 100% excluded from the sale of silver, gold and platinum bullion. Similarly, numismatic coins priced less than $1000, sold at national, statewide, or multi-parish trade shows will now receive full exclusions. “We are very pleased that the Louisiana (sales tax) exemption is now restored,” said…


Airbnb Says Yes To Tax Vacation Rentals

MULTI-STATE- Making extra money by renting out a spare bedroom or an entire home has gotten increasingly easier, thanks to online listing services such as Airbnb and Homeaway. The increase in popularity of such services has given rise to unforeseen tax liabilities and consequences. Homeowners are often unaware that they must collect and remit hotel…


Tricks and Traps States Use To Get Their Sales Tax Revenue

It’s no secret that states are struggling to earn revenue and to fill their coffers. Due to the current economic crunch states have become quite savvy in finding non-compliant taxpayers who have not registered to collect and remit sales tax. In our business we have heard and seen it all. We always cringe when a…


Cowboy’s Stadium early pay-off due to Sales Tax boon

Texas – Just in time for kick-off of the 2015 NFL football season, “America’s Team” is ranked as the top revenue grossing sports franchise in the world by Forbes.com. If this trend continues, Arlington taxpayers can expect an estimated $97.9 million in savings due to the early repayment of the 30-year stadium bond. This is…


RSM Law Firm Speaker Series: How to Prepare for a Sales Tax Audit!

Tax returns for income tax are required to be filed only once a year, whereas sales tax requires compliance throughout the year. This necessitates corporations, small business, and entrepreneurs to maintain documentation to ensure compliance with sales tax rules constantly. After this discussion, you will be able to walk away equipped with knowledge of how…


The new “Netflix Tax” changes how new media platforms do business

Multi-state – Netflix is a new platform that has revolutionized the way we watch movies and consume media. In addition to Netflix, consumers utilize various platforms such as Dropbox, Hulu, Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora to receive and stream original content. “States are constantly faced with the challenge of administering taxes and keeping pace…