BOE Specialists Verify Business Permits

California – More than 20,600 retail businesses in 22 different zip codes will be receiving letters notifying them of upcoming visits by Board of Equalization specialists.

Here is a list of zip codes where the businesses receiving letters are located.

• 90603, Whittier
• 91344, Granada Hills
• 91316, Encino
• 91765, Diamond Bar
• 92040, Lakeside
• 92071, Santee
• 92506, Riverside
• 92571, Perris
• 92584, Menifee
• 92626, Costa Mesa
• 93446, Paso Robles
• 93901, Salinas
• 95460, Mendocino
• 94607, Oakland
• 95354, 95355, 95356, 95357, 95358, Modesto
• 95608, Carmichael
• 95621, Citrus Heights
• 95624, Elk Grove

Launched in September 2008, the visits are part of the Statewide Compliance and Outreach Program (SCOP). More than 270,000 businesses statewide have been visited. The goal of this program is to provide outreach, educated business owners on their sales and use tax reporting responsibilities and increase tax compliance to help make the tax system fair. Verification that all businesses are properly registered is the main function of this program. 2% of businesses operating in California do so without the appropriate permits or licenses that allow for collection of sales and use tax, as well as other taxes and fees.

BOE specialists are conducting checks for seller’s permits of all storefronts and other known business locations. Business owners are asked business-related questions, not personal financial information.

Being checked for appropriate permits and licenses will be registered retailers and service industry businesses. If found to be out of compliance, they will be given instructions on how to register with the BOE and information about other necessary licenses.