Sales Tax Rebate for Tulsans

TULSA, OK – Tulsa residents can apply for a $25 rebate for sales tax from 2008 Fix Our Street package if they qualify.

Application must be submitted by April 15, 2013 to the City of Tulsa.

Eligible citizens need to be of age 65 or older in 2012. Citizens may also apply if eligible by income for the Oklahoma Sales Tax Refund or Oklahoma Earned Income Tax Credit.

Other requirements for the rebate are:

• Must have lived in Tulsa city limits for at least one year before applying
• Must be the family member who contributed the greatest share of income for the household and
• One rebate per household allowed.

If you qualify by income and age, it is recommended you apply based on age for faster processing.

To apply call 918-596-2100 to make the request. You could also go in person to City Hall at 175 East 2nd Street to the Customer Service Cashier and City Clerk on the first floor.

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