Oklahoma’s Sales Tax Holiday

OKLAHOMA – The state’s annual sales tax holiday will take place August 2 – 4, 2013.

Qualifying items can be purchased free of sales tax. These items have to cost less than $100 each. If it’s greater than $100, items will be taxable.

Here is a list of some of the items that the Oklahoma Tax Commission considers exempt from sales tax during this three day period.

• Aprons
• Baby receiving blankets
• Bathing suits/Caps
• Belts/suspenders
• Coats/Jackets
• Diapers
• Formal wear
• Underwear
• Hats/Caps
• Hosiery
• Insoles for Shoes
• Neckties
• Rainwear
• Shoes/Shoe Laces
• Uniforms
• Wedding Apparel

Rental of clothing or footwear is not exempt. Special clothing or footwear designed for athletic activity or protective use is not exempt. Other items not exempt are:

• Jewelry
• Handbags
• Luggage
• Umbrellas
• Wallets
• Watches.

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