Pennsylvania Statutory Amnesty

Pennsylvania – From April 21 through August 17, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Tax will waive all penalties, collection and lien fees and one-half of the interest due for businesses that file delinquent tax reports and pay all taxes due, or amend reports that underreported taxes and pay the taxes due. Reports originally due to the Commonwealth before December 31, 2015 and a five year lookback 1/1/2011, are eligible for this limited amnesty.

Taxes, interest and penalties collected under the International Fuel Tax Agreement owed to other states or provinces are not eligible for the Amnesty Program. However, if a taxpayer has unpaid taxes or unfiled returns for periods not eligible for Amnesty (due after December 31, 2015), those periods must be filed for the taxpayer’s participation in the 2017 Amnesty Program to be approved.

An online Amnesty Return must be filed by each taxpayer seeking to participate in the Amnesty Program.

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