TX —Sales & Use Tax: Social Media Management Services

TX—Sales & Use Tax: Social Media Management Services 

Texas has provided sales and use tax guidance on social media management services. The different types of services that are involved in social media management are discussed.

Written Content

Writing original content such as a blog and posting comments on social media is not taxable. Proofreading and editing are also not taxable.


Placing an ad on social media is not taxable. Nontaxable internet advertising includes:

  • classified ads;
  • banner ads;
  • text links;
  • skyscraper ads; and
  • vertical banners.

Website Management and Data Processing

Activities that are considered taxable data processing services include:

  • creating informational reports on customer’s followers;
  • designing or developing a website;
  • hosting a website; and
  • maintaining or modifying website content.

Finished Art and Photography

Creating finished graphic artwork in any format is a taxable service. Finished art includes:

  • logos;
  • images;
  • marketing material designs; and
  • website graphics.

Multiple Services

If you provide both taxable and nontaxable services, tax only needs to be collected on the taxable services if:

  • the charges are separately stated; and
  • the nontaxable service is distinct and identifiable.

If multiple services are not stated separately, and the taxable services account for 5% or less of the contract price, the tax does not need to be charged.


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