Energy Sales Tax Breaks Lures Apple to Arizona

Arizona – The State of Arizona has extended a significant tax break to Apple, Inc. who recently purchased property in Mesa, Arizona. The tax break would be due to Apple using a minimum of $100 million in renewable energy to power up a new data center planned for the location. There will also be a…


Upcoming Arizona Statutory Amnesty

ARIZONA – A statutory amnesty will begin on September 1, 2015 and end on October 31, 2015.  It will cover all taxes administered by the DOR.  Applicable years will be tax periods ending before 2014 for annual filers and Feb. 1, 2015 for all others.  Penalty and interest will be waved.  There is a special…


Amazon Collecting Sales Tax in Arizona

>Arizona – Starting February 2013, Amazon will start collecting sales tax. The state sent the company a bill for $53 million saying, “we should have collected a transaction tax that is similar to a sales tax on applicable transactions.” According to State officials, Amazon, based in Washington, had an unfair advantage over other stores since…


Sales Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy

ARIZONA – There is a sales tax exemption being held until December 31, 2016 for the retail sale of solar energy devices and for the installation of solar energy devices by contractors. “Solar energy device” is defined to include wind electric generators and wind-powered water pumps in addition to daylighting, passive solar heating. Active solar…