Texas Tax Exempt Organizations: Purchases and Sales

TEXAS: Navigating through the tax-exempt organization landscape can be confusing and daunting. Over the next few blogs we will look at different aspects of the tax-exempt scenario. This segment will focus on purchases and sales by tax exempt organizations. Tax-Exempt Purchases: Organizations that have been granted tax exemption will receive a letter of sales tax…


Texas Tax Exempt Organizations: Criteria and the Application Process.

TEXAS: Over the next few blogs we will take look at Sales to and Purchases by Tax-Exempt Organizations. For an organization to be granted exemption from paying state sales taxes, there are criteria that must be met. The parent organization must recognize the organization as a subordinate under the group exemption. The group exemption meets…


A Humongous Win Win

Specialized tax savings engagements have incredible appeal because clients can achieve immediate financial benefits greater than the fees charged. Besides possessing or having access to the requisite expertise, firms developing a tax savings practice have two obstacles to overcome, according to a partner in a firm very successful in that regard. One is obviously the…


Energy Star Holiday

>NORTH CAROLINA – Starting today through Sunday, Nov. 4, consumers can shop for certain Energy Star qualified product exempt from sales tax. The Energy Star label will be featured on qualifying products and there is no price floor or ceiling for products to qualify. Exempt products include: • Clothes washers • Freezers • Refrigerator •…


Sales Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy

ARIZONA – There is a sales tax exemption being held until December 31, 2016 for the retail sale of solar energy devices and for the installation of solar energy devices by contractors. “Solar energy device” is defined to include wind electric generators and wind-powered water pumps in addition to daylighting, passive solar heating. Active solar…