Extra 5% Sales Tax on Guns and Ammunition

NEW JERSERY – A bill for an extra 5 percent sales tax on guns and ammunition has been introduced by an assemblywoman.

The money would go into a “Safety Tax Fund” to purchase items such as security cameras, electronic emergency notification systems, devices controlling entrances, panic buttons and doors that can be locked from inside in order to make improvements to public buildings.

Gun purchasers would pay the extra sales tax on top of the current 7 percent sales tax under the bill.

Gun buyers already pay a $15 fee plus sales tax for a background check, in addition to the fees associated with firearms purchaser ID cards and a handgun purchase permit.

Wayne Viden, co-owner of Bob’s Little Sports Shop in

Glassboro said, “I think they just want to charge more money for guns to try to discourage people from buying them. There are so many useless taxes they have that they don’t use the money correctly for, what guarantee is there they’re going to use this correctly?”

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