Texas: Streaming Services are now Taxable as Amusement and Cable TV

Texas – The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts recently ruled that sales tax be applied to Internet-based subscription streaming services as cable television and amusement service. The law states that cable television is the distribution of video programming with or without the use of wires to customers or subscribers such as:

  • On-demand video services or subscription services which allow purchasers to choose from a library of available content.
  • Video-Streaming programming provided via the internet or other technology.

According to Texas Tax Code 151, the definitions of Amusement Services are (A) the provision of amusement, entertainment, or recreation, but does not include the provision of educational or health services if prescribed by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts for the primary purpose of education or health maintenance or improvement. (B) includes membership in a private club or organization that provides entertainment, recreational, sports, dining, or social facilities to its members.

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