Navigating the Complex World of Sales and Use Tax

Mastering the intricate world of sales and use tax can be a formidable task for any business. However, as a CPA, accounting firm, or advisory firm, your specialized knowledge is a vital asset in guiding clients to effectively manage their finances and maintain compliance. Your role in staying abreast of the complexities of sales and use tax is paramount.

As businesses grow and expand, they often face increased sales tax obligations. Sales growth or entry into new markets can trigger additional tax liabilities, especially when expanding into new states. Similarly, adding new employees, locations, or warehouses creates a physical presence that broadens tax responsibilities. Staff changes, particularly the loss of key employees managing sales tax, can lead to compliance issues. Audit notices can uncover previous non-compliance, highlighting potential risks in other states. Additionally, expanding product lines or services may alter tax obligations based on the taxability of new offerings.

Navigating these complexities is essential for maintaining compliance and minimizing risks. If you’re not already monitoring their sales and use tax obligations, guide them to avoid non-compliance and penalties.

If you have questions about managing sales and use tax, we’re here to help.

About Davis Davis & Harmon LLC – Sales Tax Experts: Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Davis Davis & Harmon LLC – Sales Tax Experts specializes in sales/use tax refund recovery and audit defense. Our team of consultants is comprised of former Big 4 sales tax consultants and state sales tax auditors. Each of our consultants has 15 to 20 years of experience, providing our clients with access to a highly specialized team of sales/use tax professionals. At Davis Davis & Harmon, LLC, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in our talent pool. We work hard to meet our clients’ needs by ensuring that you view our firm as an extension of your company and a member of your team.

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