Indiana Business Tax Filers

> –Indiana state legislature passed some laws that change the way business taxpayers will be required to file and remit sales and withholding taxes. Below you will find the changes.

• Filings and payments. No later than Jan 1, 2013.
o All retail merchants must report and remit sales tax electronically
o All withholding agents must report and remit withholding taxes electronically.
o Quarterly withholding filings will be eliminated.

• Forms. Anyone required to file more than 25 W-2s, 1099-Rs or WH18s with Indiana must file them electronically.

• Electronic filing. INtax is Indiana’s free online tax filing system for sales and withholding tax returns. Register and begin filing electronically in order to avoid the January rush. At the beginning of next year, 6-month coupons will be mailed to all who have not yet registered at the end of 2012. By mid-2013, coupons will be discontinued for sales and withholding and will NOT be available upon request. If you do not report and remit electronically by then, you will fail to comply with the law.

• Exceptions. Some exceptions will be allowed. If you qualify for one of the exceptions below, a form will be available soon.
o Religious beliefs
o Policy of organization that prohibits electronic filing (short-term exception)
o No computer/Internet access (short-term exception)

• Tax practitioner. Can file and pay your business taxes on your behalf through INtax. A power of attorney should be on file in order to communicate with the department regarding a business account. A few other tasks using INtax are:
o Correspond with the Department online through a confidential and secure inbox
o Schedule payments up to 30 days in advance
o File a return even when no tax is due to avoid best information available (BIA) bills
o View your payment and return history

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